My range of style varies, but I love to try and approach anthropomorphic & fantasy creature anatomy with real-world biology in mind. I can draw nearly anything: humans, furries, pets, aliens, quadrupeds, robots & mechs, and more. I'm flexible, and I gladly accept artistic liberty commissions. My favorite projects are character concepts & "first fursona" designs!Payment is handled by paypal, stripe, or Ko-Fi. A 20% Freelance fee is added onto invoices to cover payment handler fees since they are very steep these days. Below, you can get a sense of general pricing for my main commission types. If there's anything not on this list you'd like to commission, just ask me, and we can work something out!Looking for an estimate? I offer free quotes through my commission form and will gladly answer any questions.

YCH: Pawsicle$15Highly simplified headshot-only portrait of your character as Ice cream. Will be simplified to look slightly shitty just like the ones from the ice cream truck. Available on Ko-Fi.

YCH: Pawtted Pal$20Customizable chibi of your character sitting in a potted plant. Choice of pot color, plant style, and more. Sponsor new Plant+Pot designs for $10 more. Available on Ko-Fi.Completed plants: A) Dracaena; B) Calathea; C) Monstera, Monstera Variegata; D) Stromanthe Triostar; E) Aeonium, Aeonium Sunburst; F) Iron Plant; G) Pitcher Plant; H) Areca Palm.

CHIBI$30Highly simplified fullbody with chunky lines, can have simple or transparent background. Add 1 extra character to the image for +$20. Available on Ko-Fi.

ICON$501000x1000px lined Headshot, includes shading & a simple or patterned background. 1 Character only. Available on Ko-Fi.

SKETCH$70 BASEBase fee for 1 hour, then +$20/hr after. By default this option is a full body refined sketch that's been flatcolored, with no background unless it is 1-color or loosely sketched in. Price will vary depending on complexity of request and time spent.

LINEART$100 baseBase fee 1 hour, then +$20/hr after. High polish inked fullbody with Optional shading & choice of 1-color, loose, or inked backgrounds. Price will vary depending on complexity of request and time spent.




I have loved tattoos for many years, but didn't become a student myself until 2019. My style of tattooing utilizes bold, thick blackwork, and crisp, geometric elements to compliment bright colors, or to accent and emphasize the natural texture and tone of the skin beneath.ASK ME about designing your next tattoo. My base fee is $50 for a small and simple design, and we can work out details or extended pricing from there. Below are some of my more complicated, older designs. As a rule, I expect and permit all designs to be reviewed and adjusted by a licensed tattooer before application to skin.

Commission Form

... Looking to get started with a commission?
... Need an estimate for your project?
... Have a request for something not shown on my price sheet?
Fill out this form and I will respond to you asap! Usually within 24 hours. You may also instantly grab a commission from my ko-fi page.Please note that a 20% freelance fee will appear on all invoices.

Status : OPEN!

::Infernal Summit Studios::

Infernal Summit Studios is a completely freelance studio owned and operated by sole proprietor J. “Tai” Risner aka “NyneHells.” The following Terms of Service have been curated as a general support structure for new and returning clients to better navigate the process and to better understand the expectations I have for correspondence, workflow, conduct, and payment.By commissioning me you must agree to the following terms on grounds of rejection or cancellation of your project:


  • I charge a 20% freelancer tax on all commissions. You can multiply all prices by 1.2x to get an idea of what this will look like price-wise, and I offer free price quotes.

  • I do not answer DMs about commissions, outside of my Ko-Fi store, unless it is for my YCH sales. Commissions are to be discussed over email only and I will provide progress updates or estimated check-in dates throughout the process. Please be available to check your email frequently to prevent delays in the creation of your commission.

  • Have a clear idea of what concepts and details you want included in your commission, or provide clear references that reflect what you want. Character references for commissions should be in color and accurately show any markings and other details your character has.

  • Be able to communicate clearly and to the point during the commission process, speaking up if you spot something that is missing as soon as you notice something is off. Please also keep last-minute additions to a minimum during the process.

  • Large-scale edits or full-on reworks, changes in the project's scope, and Edits requested after finalization of your art, will add to the cost of your commission (at my hourly rate).

  • Payment is expected within 24 hours of receiving the invoice, and at my discretion I may ask for a deposit of the base price of your commission at the rough sketch stage. You may also elect to instantly purchase your commission through my Ko-Fi store and your spot in my queue will be secured.

  • There are absolutely no refunds for my service. Exceptions will not be made unless I deem it necessary to cancel your commission for health related reasons.

  • Rudeness and snarkiness towards me will not be tolerated under any circumstances and can result in cancellation of your commission.

Will draw / Won't draw

Projects accepted by Infernal Summit Studios include, but are not limited to:

  • Artistic freedom.

  • Humans, aliens, furries, quadrupeds, fantasy & scifi, robots & mecha.

  • Character designs & new characters, “first fursonas.”

  • Pets, pet memorials.

  • Fanart or tributes.

  • Mature & NSFW content.

Infernal Summit Studios will not under any circumstances accept projects that portray the following:

  • Beastiality, Zoophilia, porn of non-sapient creatures.

  • Pedophilia (loli, shota, abdl, ddlg, age gap), rape (noncon), snuff, other reprehensible sexual conduct & interests.

  • Harmful imagery or symbolism of prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people based on their sex, age, race, or ethnicity.

Additionally, Infernal Summit Studios will not under any circumstances collaborate with or provide services to the following:

  • Anyone under the age of 18. You must have the legal ability to agree to my terms of service to be eligible for a commission.

  • Proxy (third party) persons contacting the artist for someone else, especially when legal identity cannot be reliably verified.

  • Persons associated with or ideologically comfortable with the alt right (furry raiders, patriot front, III%, proud boys, boogaloo, etc).

  • Trans-exclusionists (terf, lgb alliance, etc), Aro/Ace exclusionists, & other proliferators of hate towards the LGBT community.

  • Persons identifying as “MAPs”, “PEARs”, “Zoo”, “Zeta” or “ζ“, “Pro-Ship”, “Anti-Anti” and their ilk.

  • Persons utilizing or otherwise trading in NFTs (“Non-Fungible Tokens”), especially for the purpose of money laundering.

Copyright & Re-editing

The rights to distribution and attribution of your commission solely belong to me. Purchasing a commission from me gives you certain limited rights to the artwork but does not affect the rights or ownership of characters featured in the art. A license may be negotiated with me if you intend to profit off of the art I am creating for you.Generally, you may NOT:

  • Republish, Re-sell, Reproduce, Redistribute, or heavily crop or obscure watermarked content, or publicly post non-watermarked content, from Infernal Summit Studios.

  • Make edits or alterations to the project image itself such as recoloring, "finishing" or inking over, painting over, adding effects, or filters to a finalized project.

  • Claim exclusive digital ownership of material from Infernal Summit Studios via the use of a cryptocurrency Blockchain.

Printouts or other forms of display of commissioned art for private use is permitted to the client without limitation, even without watermark. This includes having prints made by a third party for display at home, use as personal apparel, etc.
Cropping and resizing of a commissioned project in ways that obscure, remove, or otherwise displace the watermark are not permissible - except under the specific circumstances of use as a social media profile picture (“PFP”), or “Icon.”

About me

I am Nyne, a queer, bisexual 27yr old exomind from south bay CA. Online you may know me elsewhere as NyneHells, Tai, or even AlpineHell, but in person I am an anarchist, gardener, union member, costume maker, body mod enthusiast, and tattoo student. My husband and I live with our pets in our little house in West Virginia. I am a self-taught illustrator with a passion for bright, bold digital art. My favorite illustrators are Mike Mignola, Pascal Blanche, Scott Base, Alex Ries, Mark Maggiori, C.M. Kosemen, and the late Moebius.I love scifi, but initially got my roots in high fantasy and post-apocalyptic themed media. Of the games that I enjoy, my favorites are Destiny 2, Mass Effect, and Halo, which I play with my close friends. I also love Mad Max, Genndy Tartakovsky's Primal, and Jurassic Park. Since 2009, have been writing fanfiction, cosplaying, and drawing fanart for various fandoms as they've come and gone and I don't think I'll stop anytime soon!